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UPDATE #1: Punny Plants

So far, Kristie and I have made good progress on our 20 Time: Feed-A-Need project. We have begun pressing some of the flowers we will be attaching to our puns. We will dry out these flowers in order to place them in tape or laminated paper to create bookmarks or cards and attach one of the many puns we have started brainstorming. Some of these puns include:

Find your inner PEAS.

I hope THISTLE cheer you up.

ROMAINE calm and just BEET it.

You’re my all THYME favorite.

I love you from my head TOMATOES.

I’m LAVEN-DER weather we are having today.

You’re PLANTastic.

These are only a few examples of the puns we have brainstormed that we will be passing out alongside the pressed flowers.

We were attempting to grow succulents to pass out later in the year with puns, but unfortunately they did not survive the cold weather we were experiencing.


Punny Plants

img_20161206_093208 Kristie and I are hoping to brighten others days with plants. Now, I know that you may think that sounds strange and you may be saying to yourself “How is a plant going to brighten my day?” Well, what if I told you that the plant will be accompanied by a pun or a joke derived from the plants name. These are sure to expose the FUNGI that all of us sometimes try to hide. I hope you can PHOTOSYMPATHIZE with our cause, and SEED our point of view. Kristie and I have already began working on the plant puns and planting some of our succulents. We are also going to begin pressing flowers for our more permanent, preservable plants with their puns. Even if you don’t CARROT all, please don’t let our hopes WILT. these punny plants are guaranteed to brighten a SHRUBBY day and will not take up MUSHROOM if you choose to treasure them for a long time.

Feed A Need

In this article on Brad Aronson’s blog, a story about a girl who passes out handmade teddy bears to sick and homeless children. Nicole Javorsky, a college student, spends her free time handcrafting teddy bears for children in NYC hospitals. For these children undergoing rigorous treatments, with little visitation time from even their parents, Nicole identified a need for comfort, hope, and love. Nicole was hospitalized for anorexia at the age of 14. She couldn’t see anyone other than her parents, but she felt the love from her friends and other family through stuffed animals they sent. She wanted other kids to feel this love and hope. Nicole has since made and given away around 500 teddy bears to kids in the hospital. The children have said that the stuffed animals not only show them that someone loves them, but also helps them sleep better at night. The comfort these kids get from this small act of kindness is how Nicole Javorsky fed a need in our society.

I am…

I am Paige Sakakida, daughter of Tiffany,
Who was recognized throughout the land
For her patience as a toddler-teacher and
A single matriarch of four.
She was intent to fashion a revision,
One of profession, convert to manager
Of an ink-master.
It was I who, in only grade three,
Was bumped up to the advanced faction
Of the dance with metal-bottom shoes.
It was I who toiled to ameliorate music playing,
And I who garnered
the “Most Improved” award.
The flag-twirling and sword-spinning sport,
Although new, proved to bestow confidence.
It was I who acquired a solo
In years one and three,
And I who will obtain my degree on the
Eighth day of the sixth month of the year
Two thousand and seventeen.

Outlook & Purpose

“Hope when the moment comes, you’ll say, I did it all. I owned every second that this world could give. I saw so many places, the things that I did. With every broken bone, I swear I lived.” ~ I Lived by One Republic

Life can be short and unexpected, for all we know we could die today. At the end of our lives, the people we leave behind (and possibly us in our last moments) are going to reflect on our lives. The reason both these quotes resonate with me is due to the fact that everyone wants to leave a legacy. Whether the legacy has impacted the world, your community, or the people in your life everyone wants to have a marvelous life story. The only way to fill your blank pages is to travel to unexpected destinations, go on amazing adventures, and have life-changing experiences until you’re prevented by death.

Little Things in Life

There are so many little things that we take for granted, or let pass by without acknowledging them, in our everyday lives. They help transform our bad days into better days. Whether these little things are people, destinations, adventures, or accomplishments; they somehow always know how to spruce up our lives.

Some of these simple pleasures include:

  1. blasting music while driving with your friends
  2. wearing fuzzy socks on a really cold day
  3. really, really, really bad jokes that still make you laugh
  4. calm days at the beach with “crazy” people
  5. having the wind blow perfectly through your hair, instead of directly in your face
  6. late night drives especially when you should be sleeping
  7. taking a picture where you actually look good
  8. the view of any city from the mountain tops
  9. unexpected visits from your friends accompanied by a text that says “come outside”
  10. inside jokes between you and your closest friends

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