Kristie and I have changed directions, somewhat back to what we were doing before. Remember when we tried to grow our own succulents? Well, we failed. So now since we have combined the project with what our Relay for Life team will be selling we have come up with another option. We bought 40-50 succulents that are being delivered next Monday, and are going to be using those as the plants attached to our puns. The pots were bought yesterday and they are super cute. At our booth at Relay, one of us will be sitting at the table with a list of puns, a hole puncher, our self-laminating sheets, and a pen. With this, we will allow the buyers to pick their own pun, which we will then write on a decorated piece of paper, laminate, and attach to their flower pot. Because we have combined our project with our Relay team, we will be giving all the money received from the sales to the American Cancer Society. We also hope to have extra succulents so we can pass more out at school.