For my reading choice I chose Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. I chose to read this book because both my cousin and friend had been encouraging me to read it for years. I am glad I decided to read this book because it is very intriguing and has many repayable, and just as many unrelatable, moments.

It starts out on Valentine’s Day, or as they call Cupid’s Day, and the main character, Sam, wakes up and puts on her outfit to leave for school. Her friend Lindsay picked her up for school and as they continued on their path for school picked up Elody and Ally. They all wore matching outfits for the special occasion, and eagerly wait in class for their roses–to show everyone in school who the most popular girls were.

Long story short, the friends all go to a party at Kent’s house, Sam’s old best friend who she believes is in love with her. At the end of the night they all want to go home, so Lindsay drives everyone out of the giant driveway and back through the woods. Driving crazy and smoking, Lindsay drops her cigarette, looks away to put it out, and crashes the car.

Next thing we know, Sam wakes up in her own bed to find that it is Valentine’s Day once again.