So far, Kristie and I have made good progress on our 20 Time: Feed-A-Need project. We have begun pressing some of the flowers we will be attaching to our puns. We will dry out these flowers in order to place them in tape or laminated paper to create bookmarks or cards and attach one of the many puns we have started brainstorming. Some of these puns include:

Find your inner PEAS.

I hope THISTLE cheer you up.

ROMAINE calm and just BEET it.

You’re my all THYME favorite.

I love you from my head TOMATOES.

I’m LAVEN-DER weather we are having today.

You’re PLANTastic.

These are only a few examples of the puns we have brainstormed that we will be passing out alongside the pressed flowers.

We were attempting to grow succulents to pass out later in the year with puns, but unfortunately they did not survive the cold weather we were experiencing.