img_20161206_093208 Kristie and I are hoping to brighten others days with plants. Now, I know that you may think that sounds strange and you may be saying to yourself “How is a plant going to brighten my day?” Well, what if I told you that the plant will be accompanied by a pun or a joke derived from the plants name. These are sure to expose the FUNGI that all of us sometimes try to hide. I hope you can PHOTOSYMPATHIZE with our cause, and SEED our point of view. Kristie and I have already began working on the plant puns and planting some of our succulents. We are also going to begin pressing flowers for our more permanent, preservable plants with their puns. Even if you don’t CARROT all, please don’t let our hopes WILT. these punny plants are guaranteed to brighten a SHRUBBY day and will not take up MUSHROOM if you choose to treasure them for a long time.