In this article on Brad Aronson’s blog, a story about a girl who passes out handmade teddy bears to sick and homeless children. Nicole Javorsky, a college student, spends her free time handcrafting teddy bears for children in NYC hospitals. For these children undergoing rigorous treatments, with little visitation time from even their parents, Nicole identified a need for comfort, hope, and love. Nicole was hospitalized for anorexia at the age of 14. She couldn’t see anyone other than her parents, but she felt the love from her friends and other family through stuffed animals they sent. She wanted other kids to feel this love and hope. Nicole has since made and given away around 500 teddy bears to kids in the hospital. The children have said that the stuffed animals not only show them that someone loves them, but also helps them sleep better at night. The comfort these kids get from this small act of kindness is how Nicole Javorsky fed a need in our society.