There are so many little things that we take for granted, or let pass by without acknowledging them, in our everyday lives. They help transform our bad days into better days. Whether these little things are people, destinations, adventures, or accomplishments; they somehow always know how to spruce up our lives.

Some of these simple pleasures include:

  1. blasting music while driving with your friends
  2. wearing fuzzy socks on a really cold day
  3. really, really, really bad jokes that still make you laugh
  4. calm days at the beach with “crazy” people
  5. having the wind blow perfectly through your hair, instead of directly in your face
  6. late night drives especially when you should be sleeping
  7. taking a picture where you actually look good
  8. the view of any city from the mountain tops
  9. unexpected visits from your friends accompanied by a text that says “come outside”
  10. inside jokes between you and your closest friends